Direct Access to Physical Therapy

You can choose to be seen by a physical therapist directly. Or you can start with a physician and ask for a referral to physical therapy. Call us today for an appointment!


We provide individualized, one-on-one physical therapy treatments. You will be seen by the same licensed therapist at each of your appointments.

Diagnoses and Symptoms Treated include:

  • Pre/Post operative rehabilitation including shoulder, back and knee surgeries.
  • Chronic neck, back and recurring sciatica pain.
  • Overuse injuries and tendonitis associated with repetitive work and athletic activities.
  • Foot and ankle pain, and Runner's difficulties.
  • Arthritis conditions and total joint replacement treatments.
  • Upper back and shoulder pain and postural disorders.
  • Work station and ergonomic evaluations.
  • Personal training for individuals with complex orthopedic histories.